Our Guild Requires Conquest. We expect you to do a minimum of 4k conquest per week. 20k conquest is required for officer rank and to get the conqueror titles and conquest rewards. Conquest is a great way to earn extra credits and xp. Conquest is vital to our guild to survive as only the guilds in the top 10 of the leaderboards get the guild rewards. The Guild itself gains nothing only those who help us participate and earn the 20k conquest. Each guild rank will earn bonus rewards through the guild bank based on their conquest scores.


20k Conquest  =  700k credits in loot and 3 items form guild bank


50k Conquest  =  700k credits in loot plus 3 items and 5 max level augments from the guild bank.




To access the Conquest menu, press L and go to the Conquest tab. You will see three sections on the Conquest tab that are of interest.




1* This week’s Conquest and objectives (Left Panel)


2*Guild Leaderboards for each conquerable planet in this week’s Conquest (Right Top Panel)


3*How much your character have contributed and their rewards (Bottom Right Panel)


The easiest way to get conquest is through warzones. This is how we can conquer planets and get the titles “Conqueror of XXX”.