Welcome Eternal Members!

‘The Eternal Alliance’ is a Gaming Community in Star Wars: The Old Republic on the Harbinger Server.  We Have Both Empire and Republic Side Guilds, Which are Both Part of the Eternal Alliance.  We Need Your Help to Bring the Fight to Our Enemies! Through Our Combined Efforts We Can Tactically Coordinate the Domination and Conquering of Planets Across The Galaxy. Please Make an Account With Us and Provide Your Character With a Backstory and a Brief Description of the Type of Game Play You Prefer, PVE (Flashpoints, Ops, etc.) or PVP.


 What Does A Guild Mean for You?

  • Level Faster With Our Max Guild Bonus of 10% bonus Xp and Rep

  • Free Guild Flagships & Strongholds with all Utilities for Your Convenience

  • Help With Missions, Gearing, and Picking the Best Class for You

  • Only Guilds in the Top 10 Earn Extra Rewards, and we are Consistently in the Top 10

  • Also Earn Extra Bonus Rewards from the Guild Bank by Capping and Double Capping